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The Center for Family History and Genealogy

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Project Employees:

Jill Crandell, Director

Jill N. Crandell is an assistant teaching professor in the Department of History and the director of the Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University. She received her B.A. in family history and M.A. in history from BYU, and she is an Accredited GenealogistĀ® professional in Midwestern U.S. research. Her areas of specialty are U.S. and LDS family history.

Jessica Gourley, Project Supervisor

Jessica is majoring in Family History at Brigham Young University. She became interested in family history when she was in high school. She wants to specialize in researching U.S. families in the Midwest, so she enjoys working on the Nauvoo project. Jessica is from Corvallis, Oregon and is a senior in her program. She hopes to, one day, become a professional genealogist.

Melanie Gilchrist Torres, Assistant Supervisor

Melanie was born and raised in Provo, Utah. She is a senior studying Family History with an Eastern European emphasis in her studies. She served an LDS mission in Russia. She has studied seven different languages. She recently got married and graduates in April 2018.

Becca Curtis, Assistant Supervisor

Becca is from Cedar Hills, Utah. Her love of family history began in her childhood as she heard the stories of her pioneer ancestors. She is a senior at Brigham Young University. She is majoring in Family History and minoring in Digital Humanities. Her area of specialty is the British Isles.

Ellie Vance, Assistant Supervisor

Ellie Vance is from St. George, Utah. As a descendant of Nauvoo residents, she is excited to be a part of the Nauvoo Community Project and share her love for genealogy with others. Ellie is majoring in Family History and Genealogy with a minor in the Russian language. She plans on specializing in Slavic and Eastern European research.

Forrest Emmett, Assistant Supervisor

Forrest is a junior from Washington State majoring in Family History-Genealogy at Brigham Young University. He is using his time at the university to focus on Scandinavian and Native American research and the use of particular records such as historical maps and newspapers. Currently working on the Nauvoo Community Project, his end goal is to become a professional researcher and innovator in the genealogy industry.

Annie Smith, Assistant Supervisor

Annie is majoring in Family History and minoring in Anthropology at Brigham Young University. Family History is something she has always loved and her plan is to specialize in Scandinavian research. She hopes to one day work for the LDS Church and help people bring their ancestors to life.

Elizabeth Harper, Assistant Supervisor

Originally from Logan, Utah, Elizabeth found joy in doing her family history work at a young age. After serving a mission in the Romania/Moldova Mission, Elizabeth decided to pursue her passion for family history as a career. She is currently majoring in Family History and minoring in Digital Humanities at Brigham Young University. She hopes to become a professional genealogist and help others come to love genealogy as much as she does.

Devrie Rozsa

Devrie was born in Anaheim, California, spent her early childhood in Gilbert, Arizona, and has since lived in Draper, Utah. She served a mission in Argentina Bahia Blanca and is now double majoring in Spanish and Elementary Education. She has had a growing passion for family history and genealogy ever since she first learned how to index in middle school.

Sonia Mull

Sonia is a student at Brigham Young University double majoring in Family History and Spanish. She developed a love for both genealogy and the Spanish language while serving an LDS mission in Lima, Peru. In 2017, Sonia spent seven weeks in Spain transcribing and indexing early church records for the Marriage Dispensation Project. Sonia plans to become an Accredited Genealogist with a specialty in Latin European research. After graduation in 2018, she hopes to establish a career in genealogy.

Rachel Christensen

Rachel is from Mapleton, Utah. Her love of family history started when she was called as a family history youth consultant in her ward when she was fifteen years old. She started school at Utah State University in 2014. She later transferred to Brigham Young University in January of 2016 to major in family history with a family life minor. She is excited to be working on the Nauvoo project to help other people discover their pioneer heritage.

Michael Crowther

Mike is majoring in Family History with a second major in Computer Science. He works with Relative Finder in addition to the Nauvoo Community Project. He received his A.S. degree in General Studies from SLCC and graduates from BYU at the end of 2019. He is a founder and the current president of the BYU Family History Club. His area of genealogical interest is England. He is from West Valley City, Utah.

Carly Bagley

Carly is from Providence, Utah. Her interest in family history started while serving as an LDS missionary in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission. After her mission, Carly transferred from Utah State University to pursue a degree in Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University. Carly wants to specialize in United States records and to work in a field where she can help others get excited about their own family history.

Leslikae Thomas

Leslikae grew up in Midvale, Utah, and raised her children in Orem, Utah. She has always loved hearing and collecting stories of her ancestors, some of whom were Nauvoo residents. Leslikae is majoring in Family History and hopes to help others love family history, as she does.

Chris Devenport

Chris is a family history major from Payson, Utah. His interest in family history stemmed from researching his Swedish ancestors; despite this, though, he is planning to specialize in British research. His first experiences with family history came from playing the card game Out on a Limb and earning the BSA Genealogy merit badge.

Courtney Lehikainen

Courtney is a freshman from Modesto, California. She is minoring in Family History and majoring in Photography. Her interest in Family History grew after taking an introductory course last semester and being called as Family History Coordinator in her ward. She hopes to learn more about Italian genealogy and learn more about her Italian ancestors.

Emily Brignone

Emily is from Upstate New York. She is currently studying History. She got into family history researching immigration to Nauvoo for a professor and her interest in it has grown. She now hopes to be a professional genealogist and a professor in the future.

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah is from Houston, Texas. She is currently majoring in Family History with a minor in Ballroom Dance. Sarah has always enjoyed learning about her own family's history. Most of her research has been in eastern Europe and the American mid-west. Following graduation, she would like to publish family stories and help bring these stories back to life.

Hannah Ogden

Hannah is a student at Brigham Young University, majoring in Classical Civilization and minoring in Family History. She is from Highland, Utah, and loves spending Sundays with her cousins and grandma going through family stories and albums. Though she does not have any direct ancestors within the Nauvoo Community, she's excited to be helping with the work. She plans on emphasizing in the Southern United States and Scandinavian Nations.

Hazel Scullin

Hazel grew up in Northern California in the historic Gold Country. She became interested in family history after she joined the LDS Church in 2015, and the next year she began the Family History major. Her goal is to become a professional genealogist.

Cheryl Ann Taylor

Cheryl is from Bossier City Louisiana. She is majoring in Family Consumer Science Education at Brigham Young University. She loves being able to study the family in so many ways. She is so excited to be working on the Nauvoo Community Project, and use the skills she has developed in family history to help others in building this resource.

Taieno Kaiser

Taieno is majoring in Family History at Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Slavic research. She discovered family history on her mission and has been an addict ever since. She also volunteers with the Family History Technology Lab in the Computer Science department. Taieno plans to become a certified genealogist and go to graduate school for a PhD in history.

Bethany Cuevas

Bethany is from Mississippi. She served a mission in the Utah, Salt Lake City West mission and has been helping people with family history since she was a teenager. Her area of focus is in Germany.

Aubrey Bourret

Aubrey is from Lapeer, Michigan. She is a junior majoring in English and she plans to double minor in Editing and Family History. She fell in love with indexing in high school and soon taught herself the basics of genealogical research. Aubrey plans to work as an editor, but she hopes to use the researching skills she has learned at BYU to foster a love of genealogy in her future family.

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